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The Ultimate Product Management Guide

Curated roadmap and resources to help get started and upskill - for free!


Will I become a Product Manager if I read just this?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: I believe as a PM it’s important to know the basics and frameworks that’ll help, but it’s equally important or even more to get your hands dirty. This is my attempt to put together the best content online in a structured format to help you while you look to transition or while you’re on the job but want to look for an inspiration.

What is this all about?

Well, this started off from a post I wrote last year on the best APM/ RPM programs and my mailbox was flooded with ‘how do I transition’ - ‘can you help me a mock’ - ‘can you review my resume’ I did try my best, but here’s an attempt to open it up.

In my opinion, there’s tons of very useful information from the very best in this field and this first version is about putting together all those articles and videos I saved up to a larger audience in a format I thought might be useful. Feel free to share resources you find useful - happy to add them in with a due credit on the upcoming ‘contributors’ page

I’ve divided into a structure that you might find useful:

  1. The Absolute Basics: To help understand what Product Management is all about and whether it is for you.
  2. The Core: Once you decide (or if you’re already on your PM journey) - here’s a set that really kicks into the what, why, and most importantly the how.
  3. The Practice: Best practices anyone? Learn from the best on the do’s and dont’s and dig deeper into the ‘how’ of Product Management
  4. The Add-ons: And at this stage you’re either set or really bored. Your mission if you choose to accept it, would now be to complete the add-ons which will show you how to become the best one.

In addition, we’re also building a community to help you guys network, seek PM help, pair up for mock interviews, etc